Diary from Apr. 15, 1865

Sarah Gooll Putnam Diary

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    Sarah Gooll Putnam diary 7 excerpt, entries for 13-17 April 1865

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    Sarah Gooll Putnam, a teenager (who was 14 years old in during the spring 1865 and lived primarily in Boston, Massachusetts), describes the shock and sadness of hearing about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Her diaries (started in 1860, when she was 9, and continued until close to the time of her death at age 61 in 1912) feature many illustrations. The entry for 15 April 1865 includes a minimalist sketch of a face with a shocked expression.

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    Massachusetts Historical Society, Ms. N-758

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    Putnam, Sarah Gooll. "Sarah Gooll Putnam diary 7 excerpt, entries for 13-17 April 1865". Remembering Lincoln. Web. Accessed December 10, 2018. http://rememberinglincoln.fords.org/node/285