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Philadelphia Police Mourning Ribbon

Philadelphia Police Ribbon

Ribbon from April 1865

Charles A. Jewell

Charles A. Jewell to Parents

Letter from April 19, 1865

The Burial of John Wilkes Booth and Trial of the Lincoln Conspirators

James L. Lucas Recollection

Document from date unknown

U.S. Military Telegraph of S. Nickerson, St. Inegoes [St. Inigoes], to A.N. Lt. Peter Hays, Yorktown, April 18, 1865

Telegraph of S. Nickerson, April 18, 1865

Document from Apr. 18, 1865

Letter signed D.C. Forney, Daily Morning Chronicle Office, Washington, D.C., to Marshal Lamon, April 18, 1865

D.C. Forney to Marshal Lamon

Letter from Apr. 18, 1865

Important Order from D.C.

Newspaper from Apr. 15, 1865