Diary from Apr. 15, 1865

George Himes Diary

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    George Himes Diary

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    In 1865, George Henry Himes was a typesetter for the Oregonian newspaper in Portland, Oregon, when he heard of Lincoln's assassination, presumably via telegraph. Himes then worked to publish a special edition of the Oregonian, which, as he noted in his diary, brought an extra $79 (equal to $1,221.24 in 2015) in sales. Himes also reported that stores closed in mourning. On Wednesday, April 19, Himes noted that stores were again closed in honor of Lincoln's funeral, taking place at that moment across the continent in Washington, D.C. Himes later owned a printing company and was among the founders of the Oregon Historical Society.

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    George Himes papers, Mss 1462, Oregon Historical Society, Davies Family Research Library

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