Letter from Jan. 31, 1866

Joseph S. Caulk to Andrew Johnson and Edwin M. Stanton

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    Joseph S. Caulk to Andrew Johnson and Edwin M. Stanton

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    Joseph S. Caulk, a veteran of Company K of the 24th Regiment of the U.S. Colored Infantry, wrote to President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of War Edwin Stanton seeking permission to march while armed to honor the deceased President Abraham Lincoln's birthday in 1866. Caulk, a bricklayer from Delaware, enlisted in the U.S. Army at age 44 on March 28, 1865, shortly before the surrender of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

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    Wilmington Jan 31th 1866
    Mr President or Secatary of Ware by Permishin i take the liberty to ask you to be so kind as to gave us the Returnd Soldears of the State of Delawear a permit to turn under armes on the 12th of Februeary to Silabrat of our Well belovid Mr Aberham Lincoln birth day our opposers has Sead the collard pepel Wor going to rase but person With comon Sence Wold know better yours With respect Write to
    Joseph S. Caulk W. 7. St No 214
    Wilmington, Del–

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    Shared by Jonathan White, associate professor of American Studies at Christopher Newport University. Joseph S. Caulk to Andrew Johnson and Edwin M. Stanton, January 31, 1866, in RG 107 (Records of the Office of the Secretary of War), microfilm M494 (Letters Received by the Secretary of War From the President, Executive Departments, and War Department Bureaus, 1862-1870), reel 84.

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