Letter from Apr. 20, 1865

Letter from William H. Kesler, 3rd Missouri Cavalry

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    Letter from William H. Kesler, 3rd Missouri Cavalry, to his sister Rose Ann Kesler

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    A letter from William H. Kesler to his sister Rose Ann Kesler in late April 1865. He writes to her about hearing of the assassination, his sorrow and anger toward the assassin. At the beginning of the Civil War, William H. Kesler resided in Champaign, Illinois but joined the Missouri volunteer units after the quota was reached in his home state. He served in the 3rd Missouri Calvary from January 1862 - June 1865. He joined Company D, which was captained by John H. Reed and composed of men from both Missouri and Illinois. As part of a Union cavalry brigade, the 3rd Missouri Cavalry marched into Arkansas in August 1863, and was part of the force which captured the state capital at Little Rock on September 10th of that year. He spent much of the rest of the war in the Little Rock area and returned home in June of 1865.

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    Little Rock Ark April 20th 1865
    Dear Sister I seat my self this morn for the purpose of penning you a few lines to let you know that I am in good health and hope those few lines may find you in the same enjoyment. I received yours of the 10th a short time since and was happy to hear from you and learn that you were all in good health. I should like to have been to the Supper given by the good Templers for I know they must have had a fine Supper and a pleasant time. I think you would have been fixed if I had been home the day you had so many visiters but I expect that I would have spoiled the enjoyment of the rest of the party with my (gass). I am glad to hear that you will not open my package of letters that I sent home by Mrs Reed. But tell Mother not to be to sure a bout them being from the girls. And that I will read a few of them to her when I come home. But can not promise to read them all as it would take up to much time and then would not be interesting to her. The joy of the troops here was turned in to sorrow on receiving the news of the assassination of the President. I felt that day a though I could shoot any body that was a rebel. Oh how I should love to have the fun of putting the man to death that Killed the President. My feelings were such that I could have cut him up in inch peaces. But never mind the soldiers of the North will avenge his death with a thousand lives. I want to see this war closed now. For the feelings of the Soldiers now toward the south is not very friendly sure. I Expressed $100.00 One Hundred Dollars home a few days a go by parkers Express. I have nothing of importance to write so I will close hoping to hear from you soon. I remain as ever your Affectionate Brother Will
    P.S. please Write soon And excuse mistakes Will
    I am going to send you a painting of the hospital at Little Rock. Which I want you to Keep clean and nice untill I come home. Will

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    The State Historical Society of Missouri

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