Diary from Apr. 14, 1865

Horatio Nelson Taft Diary, April 6-14, 1865

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    Horatio Nelson Taft Diary, April 6-14, 1865

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    This excerpt from the diary of Horatio Nelson Taft is an insight into some of the first reactions of citizens of the Union to the death of President Lincoln. Taft, who was a patent clerk, laments Lincoln's teach and denounces the assassination as assassination at it's worst. In the entry just prior to the excerpt describing Lincoln's death, Taft described the return of Lincoln to Washington after a Union victory.

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    April 6th 1865
    Mr Lincoln has been in Richmond. Near half of the City has been destroyed by fire by the
    Rebels themselves as they evacuated it. Large numbers of prisoners have been captured
    by Sheridan, Genl Ewell and his Corps, some seven thousand.

    April 9, 1865

    Genl Lee has surrendered to Genl Grant with his whole Army!! Mr Lincoln has returned to
    Washington as in fine Spirits at the prospect of a speedy peace. It is thought that Johnson
    and the other rebel Genls will give up now that Lee has surrendered.

    April 14th ½ past 10 o'clock P.M.
    O, fatal day. O, noble Victim.
    Treason has done its worst.
    The President has been Assassinated.
    It has just been announced at my door
    that he was shot a half hour ago at Fords Theatre.
    Is it possible?
    I have just come from near the scene,
    it is too True. 11, o'clock P.M.

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