Letter from May. 11, 1865

Mexican President Benito Juarez Response to the Lincoln Assassination

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    Mexican President Benito Juarez Response to the Lincoln Assassination

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    This is a condolence letter from the exiled Mexican President Benito Juarez. In the letter Juarez mourns the loss of Abraham Lincoln and also hopes that the U.S. Secretary of State and his son recover from their wounds. On the night of President's assassination, U.S. Secretary of State William Seward was also attacked. He was stabbed repeatedly in his home by conspirator Lewis Powell. Eventually Seward recovered from his wounds. Benito Juarez served as President in Mexico until 1863, when French forces invaded Mexico during the "French Intervention" which began in 1861. The French, backed by conservatives and nobility in Mexico, tried to overthrow Mexican President Benito Juarez. Allies of Juarez fled to New York City, considered a safe haven by Mexican liberals. Juarez set up his government in exile in northern Mexico, in Chihuahua City.

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