Letter from Jul. 4, 1865

Condolences from the Governor of the State of Tabasco, Mexico

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    Condolences from the Governor of the State of Tabasco, Mexico

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    This is a condolence letter from the governor of the State of Tabasco in Southern Mexico. The letter expresses how sad the Mexican government is because of the death of President Lincoln, but they also congratulate the government on winning the American Civil War. The letter discusses the importance of July 4, America's Independence Day, and the country's dedication to freedom and liberty. During the 1860s, Mexico was also in the midst of war. Benito Juarez served as President in Mexico until 1863, when French forces invaded Mexico during the "French Intervention" which began in 1861. The French, backed by conservatives and nobility in Mexico, tried to overthrow Mexican President Benito Juarez. Allies of Juarez fled to New York City, considered a safe haven by Mexican liberals. Juarez set up his government in exile in northern Mexico, in Chihuahua City. This letter tries to solidify the relationship between the exiled government and the American government by reinforcing their shared beliefs and good will.

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