Letter from Apr. 17, 1865

I.F. Quinby to Ulysses S. Grant

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    I.F. Quinby to Ulysses S. Grant

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    I.F. Quinby, a former U.S. general teaching at the University of Rochester in 1865, wrote to General Ulysses S. Grant, commander of the U.S. Army, expressing sadness over the assassination of Lincoln. He also shows relief for Grant, who was originally supposed to be the Lincolns' guest at Ford's Theatre the night of the assassination.

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    [[?]]Lincolns Assassination Rochester NY
    April 17th 1865
    General U.S. Grant
    My Dear Grant,
    While the
    whole people are plunged in the
    deepest grief at the death of our
    wise and most excellent President
    there in many led with it a feeling of
    thankfulness that you for whom the
    same blow was intended, so pro-

    Your hopes of the recovery of
    Secretary Seward are also realized
    The nations soon arise itself
    Gone it's almost stupor of grief
    and foreboding of other calamities
    to forcible in the trace of the will give
    place to confidence we the ability
    of those at the head of our affairs to
    bring alert the peace and hate in all

    prosperity whole reserved to well
    aroused before the sad event
    the people hope news less from you
    in the pretense hence you have accomplished
    for hence in the name of personal
    friendship alone, but in the light of the
    nation, where I ask you to take all
    wise precautions to guard against
    the assassins who may be watching
    their oppertunity to strike at your

    with the most earnest wishes that
    your life may be long passed
    to your family and to the nation
    I remorse
    Sincerely your friend

    [Transcription by: Joseph Marsteller, Rachel Engl's class, Lehigh University.]

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    Library of Congress, Ulysses S. Grant Papers

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