Diary from Jul. 16, 1865

John Bigelow Diary Entry

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    John Bigelow Diary Entry

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    John Bigelow was an American author, editor and diplomat. In 186, Abraham Lincoln appointed Bigelow as United States Consul becoming Chargé d'Affaires at Paris, France, as Minister to the Court of Napoleon III. In 1865, he was appointed American Ambassador to France. He sporadically kept a diary during this time and following a months long gap beginning in early April 1865. He returned to writing in July and notes the greatest change over the last few months being the Lincoln assassination.

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    “John Bigelow Diary Entry”
    Sunday July 16^[[th]]. 1865. 81

    It is now the months & more since I have touched my
    journal and what an inconsistency on my hart, The
    three most eventful months of my life. I have elected
    into my [[functions]] [[hae]] as Minister Plen; Prest. Lincoln had
    been assassinated ; a man who If me or you [[best guess]] had followed
    a dispace to the country , and as Vice Prest. a national ealamily
    has becomes President ; this man is now generally
    believed to be a much more competent President
    for the coming emergencies ; The war is ended and
    the rebels are coming in by hundreds to make them
    reach with the [[good]]. all satisfied That they had made
    a great mistake; Ms. Bigelow has gone home
    on a visit with Jenny, I have father Mario [[dfrise`s]] hotel
    in the Rue des [[Ballims]] 91°19 at 21000 for a year, hace
    ordered [[Bander]] to make me a [[Berfine]] and to repair
    my Coupé at an aggregate expense of who boosts, and
    last might accepted [[F Asterach]] proportional to find
    me a fine than of horses which he says he wil
    be glad to do at a bargain out of gratitude.

    [Transcription by: Alexis Ennis, Rachel Engl’s class, Lehigh University.]

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    Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library

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