Document from Apr. 17, 1865

State of Kentucky

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    State of Kentucky

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    Governor Thomas E. Bramlette reacts to the news of Abraham Lincoln's assassination. He also proclaims a day of mourning on April 19th at 12 o'clock for the entire state of Kentucky.

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    State of Kentucky
    Executive Department
    Frankfort, April 17, 1865
    By the hand of an assassin a great grief has been brought upon our country. The Chief Magistrate of the Nation, the President of the United States, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, had fallen a victim to rebellious hate under the vengeful blow of an assassin. He has fallen at a time when his great qualities of humanity were so hopefully invoked for the healing of our National woes! With no stain of vindictive nature upon his soul - with a great heart of generous sympathies and broad humanities - his untimely fall has bowed a Nation's head in mourning.
    On WEDNESDAY, the 19th inst., at the hour of 12 o'clock, A.M. (the hour of his funeral), let every church bell be tolled throughout the Commonwealth; and on that day let all business be suspended, and all business houses be closed, the public offices closed, and draped in mourning.
    The citizens of Kentucky are invoked to pay that homage to the National grief which such a great calamity inspires.
    THOS. E. BRAMLETTE, Governor of Kentucky.

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    U.S. National Archives, General Records of the Department of Justice

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