Newspaper from Apr. 19, 1865

"Our Nation Mourning"

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    "Our Nation Mourning"

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    This article was published in Salt Lake City's Deseret News on April 19, 1865. It describes the city's initial reaction to the Lincoln assassination, announcing a memorial service to be held in the Latter-day Saint tabernacle, the suspension of business and entertainment throughout the city, and the decoration of public buildings

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    Upon the reception of the horrifying intelligence that President Lincoln had been assassinated, throughout the city business was generally suspended, flags were draped in mourning at halfmast, stores and other public buildings were closed and craped, the Management of the Theatre announced that the bill for Saturday evening was postponed to Monday, and deep gloom palpably rested upon the minds of the citizens.
    On Sunday the stand and organ in the Tabernacle were clad in the habiliments of woe, as were also many members of the congregation, and Elders W. Woodruf, F.D. Richards and George Q. Cannon delivered feeling and appropriate addresses upon the solemn occasion. Monday evening the proscenium boxes of the Theatre and two large national flags arching from the center over the drop curtain were draped in black.
    Alas for the times, when our Chief Magistrate can be stricken down by the hands of an assassin!

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    Utah Digital Newspapers Contributed by McKayla Herron, M.A. Student in Public History, West Virginia University

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