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    This article, published in Salt Lake City's Deseret News, discusses a Sunday church service held in the city a few days after Lincoln's assassination. Wilford Woodruff, F. D. Richards, and George Q. Cannon of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints each spoke on topics related to the assassination, including the uncertainty of human life, the country's mourning, and the privileges of American citizenship. Cannon compared the assassination of Abraham Lincoln to the murder of LDS Prophet Joseph Smith.

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    SABBATH MEETINGS. – Elder Wilford Woodruff preached a highly instructive and truly edifying discourse upon the uncertainty of human life, the present mournful condition of our country, occasioned by the assassination of our Chief Magestrate, and the fearful state of feeling that must exist with those who plotted as well as those who carried out the murderous scheme.
    Elder F. D. Richards addressed the congregation upon the privileges and comforts enjoyed by American citizens, and stated that if they did not realize their blessings while at home, when that portion of them who were Elders in this Church went abroad on missions to the despotic nations of the Old World, they were made to understand the importance of American citizenship.
    Elder George Q. Cannon followed upon the same subject and also reviewed the once unhappy sadness that prevailed in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, consequent upon the perpetration of a like wicked but more dastardly act of cruel murder done in cold blood.

    [Transcription by Alicia B., Ford's Theatre Society, and Janet Scanlon.]

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    Utah Digital Newspapers Contributed by McKayla Herron, M.A. Student in Public History, West Virginia University

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