Letter from May. 5, 1865

Augustus Clark to John A. Andrew

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    Letter from Augustus Clark to John A. Andrew, 5 May 1865

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    Augustus Clark, a War Department employee,sent this letter to the Governor of Massachusetts, John A. Andrew along with a small piece of cloth that was stained with the blood of Abraham Lincoln. Clark was one of the people who moved Lincoln from Ford's Theatre to Petersen's boardinghouse.

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    Ordnance Office, War Department. Washington, May 5th 1865

    Governor John A. Andrew


    Enclosed please find a piece of
    cloth that is stained with the blood of our lamented
    President, Abraham Lincoln.
    I was one of several who helped to
    convey him over from the theatre to the house where he
    died and remained there all night. I also have a
    lock of his hair: and have already had several offers from
    different parties, who are desirous of obtaining it for a relic.
    Being a Bostonian I thought I would mention the fact
    to you thinking perhaps the state might wish to secure it.

    I am very Respectfully

    Your Obt Servt,

    Augustus Clark

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    Massachusetts Historical Society, Special collections, manuscripts

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