Letter from Apr. 24, 1865

Dexter Jewett to mother

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    Letter - Dexter Jewett Washington DC April 24 pt1

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    A personal letter from a soldier camped three miles from Washington to his mother. The letter mentions that there is a report that someone has caught Booth, Lincoln’s murderer.

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    Camp three miles from
    Washington April 24

    Dear mother

    We are now in camp about three miles from Washington on the Maryland side of the Potomac but we don't know where we will go to next there there in some talk of our going home on half pay and stay untill we are needed for they dont [don't] exactly know where to send us.

    We started from Summit Point last Thursday on the cars and arrived here on Friday noon.
    I hope we will stay here for we get enough to eat we get nine loaves of bread a week and large ones at that.

    There is a report that they have caught Booth the murderer of the President has been caught I believe this morning in some woods a little way from here.
    I hope it is true.

    About every house in Washington is draped in morning on the outside and the people look as though they feel bad about the President being killed.
    We have not had a mail for four days and we ought to get the whole soon
    I suppose I shall have some letters by it.

    Have you got that company roll that I sent home to you
    if you have I wish you would tell me how you like for some of them were nothing but a sell and I dont know but when that one may be for I have not opened it.
    I would like to have a little [illegible] if you could send me some for I have no writing nor envelopes.
    Has George got home yet
    I don't see why they are so slow about mustering him out.
    all of our men were mustered out the very day their time was up.
    We do duty on this side of the Potomac and also do part of the patrol in the city of Washington

    Tell George that he had better not think of going into Hancocks veterans for that corps I think is the meanest thing that has been got up since the war commenced with the exception of hundred days men and Hancock he had has nothing but reviews inspections company and brigade drills all the time and we all glad that we have got out of his clutches and he was going to make us throw away all clothing but what we drew from government and so far as to make us have two pair of shoes.

    There is a story that a lot of Mosby's men who have given themselves up have been sent after Mosby and guess they will get him if anybody can.

    I shall have to close now so goodbye for the present.

    from your son
    Dexter Jewett
    Co H 30 Md Va Co

    [Transcription by: Mary Cotterman]

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    Tucker Collection care of Museum of the Grand Prairie

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