Letter from Apr. 23, 1865

Letter to Frank

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    Letter – To Frank Sunday April 23 1865 pt 1

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    Personal letter discussing the happenings in the author’s life at the time of Lincoln's assassination. The letter discusses news of Abraham Lincoln’s death reaching large towns and the reaction to the news.

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    Sunday April 23

    Dear Frank
    This evening finds me seated in the house of Tom Curt of Cass Co Ill
    I left Mothers April the 7 came to Edinburg.
    Staid [stayed] Saturday night at phillipses
    went to your Fathers Sunday
    Staid till Tuesday the 18 had a very fine time
    the two boys and Miriam enjoyed themselves the best I ever saw
    Childre Amity Miriam and me went to Joes
    they sent the horse and buggy for us
    we staid all night
    went home in the buggy
    kept the horse and John went with us to Edinburg
    I asked Father to go with us to youngstown
    he said he would if he had money to pay his pasage [passage] their [there] and back as his feet are so sore he could not walk
    I toald [told] him I would give him the money if he would go and help us to the cars
    we started from Edinburg at nine tuesday night
    staid on the street till morning
    the cars left at six in the morning
    got to Cleavland [Cleveland] at ten
    Staid till four
    got to toledo at ten at night
    left at four in the morning
    got to Jacksonvill at nine at night
    went to the manchion house
    had to wait till friday evening
    came to Ashland found two letters from you
    was glad to hear you are well
    Mr Hunter said we could not get across the prairie on foot and that their [there] was wagons sticking in the mud that could not be got out untill the mud would dry up
    I did not know what to do
    John Jackson was at the store
    he said he would take me to auld Samey St Clairs
    then he said I would be two miles from Toms
    I told him to get my trunk and of we started
    it was raining and very cold
    it soon comenced [commenced] to snow
    we had a great time
    the horses could hardley make the trip
    the mud is truley awfull
    they tell me this is the wettest Spring that ever was
    we staid all night at Sameys
    in the morning he got his mules hiched [hitched] to the wagon
    we came as far as we could by the roads
    got in to the field
    came as far as we could for the post fence
    unloaded the trunk
    set it over the fence
    he went home
    we walked to toms [Tom's] which was half a mile then Tom and his hand went and carried the trunk here
    So you see we have made the trip at last
    we had a very gloomey journey
    it was more like Sunday than aneything else
    no buisness [business] going on
    Everything your eyes would rest on wore the Emblems of a nations grief
    when the word came to the large towns that the president was dead the n---s droped [dropped] on their faces in the streets crying
    we have lost our best friend
    well it is allmost [almost] dark and I have not got this letter finished
    I wrote to Father and to mother to let them know I have got home
    Mr tubs was here a short time ago
    he is well
    Monday morning before breakfast I have a chance to send this and I will do so
    I will rite [write] to you shortley and tell you the rest
    have to go
    good by
    I will send you one dollar this time
    write soon
    S B H F Brian No of letters 1 of

    [Transcription by: Mary Cotterman]

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    Tucker Collection care of Museum of the Grand Prairie

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