Newspaper from Aug. 18, 1865

Opinion of Military Tribunal

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    Opinion of Military Tribunal - Burlington Free Press

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    A printing of the Attorney General's opinion on holding a military tribunal for the assassination conspirators. The newspaper agrees with President Johnson's decision, calling the assassination of the President "an act of secret war against the republic."

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    The opinion of Attorney General Speed, given in writing previous to the trial, in response to President Johnson's inquiry whether the conspirators in the plot which resulted in the assassination of President Lincoln should be tried by a civil or military court, has been printed. He maintained that during a time of war a military tribune exists under and according to the constitution ; that is the duty of the military not only to fight the public enemies of the country in open battle, but to pursue, capture, try and execute secret enemies, and that the assassination of the President being an act of secret war against the republic in the reason of its Chief Magistrate, those accused of the crime are clearly amenable to military law.

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