Newspaper from Apr. 15, 1865

Removal of the President's Body

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    "Removal of the body of the President to the executive mansion"

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    Article describing the procession accompanying President Abraham Lincoln's body from the Peterson house to the White House. The article describes the procession as escorted by Union Light Guard calvary and military officers, as well as a large crowd, which descended on the Peterson house once the President's body was removed.

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    Removal of the body of the president to the executive mansion.
    Shortly after nine o'clock this morning the remains were placed in a temporary coffin, under the direction of Mr. Frank Sands, and removed to the Whtie House, six young men of the Quartermaster's Department carrying the body the house.
    An escort of cavalry, (Union Light Guard,) under the command of Lieut. Jamison, accompanied the remains, which were followed by General Augur, commanding the Department of Washington; General Rucker, Depot Quartermaster; Colonel Pelouze, of the War Department; Captain Finley Anderson, A. A. G.; Hancock's corps; Captain D. G. Thomas, Clothing Depot; Captain J. H. Crowell, and Captain C. Baker.
    The solemn procession moved slowly up Tenth street to G, and thence to the White House, the large crowd present along the route standing uncovered. Immediately on the guard being removed, a rush was made towards the house occupied during the night by the President, remaining about the entrance for some time.

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    Washingtoniana Microfilm Collection

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