Newspaper from May. 1, 1865

"Assassination of President Lincoln and Secretary Seward"

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    El Pájaro Verde

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    Newspaper article with details about the assassination of President Lincoln. Wires from Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War to Major General Dix informing him about the assassination of President Lincoln and injuries suffered by Mr. Seward, his son Frederick Seward and a house servant. News printed in the Diario de la Marina: description of the incident at Mr. Seward’s house (the attack and type of injuries suffered). J. Wilkes Booth is identified as President Lincoln’s killer. Description of the shock felt throughout; customs and businesses closed (banks, stores, and warehouses) in a sign of mourning. It also mentions that gold speculators suspended their operations as a sign of "modesty" (mourning).

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    Independent Mexico in newspapers, the 19th century; reel 182

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    This item may be reproduced and used for any purpose, including research, teaching, private study, publication, broadcast or commercial use, with the proper citation and attribution. Citation: Independent Mexico in newspapers, the 19th-century (microfilm set). LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections, the University of Texas at Austin.

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