Document from May. 1, 1865

Original Draft of Funeral Plans

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    Original draft of plans for President Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession, [April 1865]

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    Outlines plans for the procession starting at the Executive Mansion on April 18, where the public can view the remains of the President in the East Room. The procession will then continue on the 19th with religious ceremonies, after which the remains will be brought to the Capitol and placed in the Rotunda. After that, the delegation from Illinois will bring the President's body home to Springfield by train.

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    Proposed arrangements for the funeral and disposition of the remains of the late President, submitted for approval.

    The Executive Mansion, under proper police and guards, to be thrown open during Tuesday, the 18th inst. For the public to show their respect, -the remains to be in the East Room, under a guard of commissioned officers of the Army.

    On Wednesday, the procession to form at 11 o’clock, the religious ceremonies to commence at 12, and the procession to move at 2 P.M.

    The remains to be escorted to the Capitol, and there deposited in the Rotunda, to remain under a suitable guard, to be provided by the proper military authorities.

    The delegation especially appointed from Illinois to receive the remains and escort them thither, to be called the “Body Guard”, to have them in special charge after they shall have been deposited in the Capitol.

    The remains to be taken to the depot on Thursday morning, by military escort; a guard of honor, consisting of such Senators and Members of the House of Representatives as may be designated for that purpose by those bodies respectively, and also such other civilians as the Cabinet may determine, to accompany the remains to their final resting place. The whole to be accompanied by such military escort as the proper authorities may designate

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