Diary from Apr. 15, 1865

Dr. Moses Gage Diary

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    Dr. Moses Gage Diary

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    After calculating the time since he had last written, Dr. Moses Gage, a physician in Bethel, New York, expressed the emotional whiplash many Americans felt at hearing the news of Lincoln's assassination after celebrating the surrender of General Robert E. Lee five days earlier.

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    After a lapse of thirty years, five months & twenty three days I open this book to mark a record more sad and distressing than the one with which I ended so many years ago, then my regrets were for a young friend who passed away in the spring time of life. Yesterday, Friday the 14th Abraham Lincoln President of the U.S. was assassinated in the city of Washington, at the time when we were all congratulating our selves that the slaveholders rebellion was nearly over, and when hope pointed to the bright future, when the glory of this republic was about to be revealed, the man who had did more than all others was stricken down by the hand of the Assassin;--The ways of Providence are inscrutable it may be for the [--] we will hope--The hand of an assassin stabbed Secretary Seward thrice & he too is probably dead before this time.

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    Vance Gage

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