Letter from Apr. 15, 1865

R. E. Brown to M. W. Brown

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    R. E. Brown to M. W. Brown

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    R. E. Brown writes to his sister from Camp Curtain, Pennsylvania, relating news of Lincoln's assassination. Written on April 15, 1865, Brown had just received the news of President Lincoln's death. Brown also relates the widespread but inaccurate rumor that the assassins killed Secretary of State Seward.

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    Apr. 15,.1865

    Camp. Curtain

    Sister M.W. Brown

    I ebrace this op, writing you few a lines to let you know how we are getting along. I am writing under canvas tent, and the rain is comeing down as usual. Olover came to day and D Cook Tom, M. Treble, and too of Alexanders are here the boys are all first rate we have got al our clothing now. There is a report in carry this morning that the President was assainated last night in his private box in the theater and also Secratary Seward I hear now that Lincolin died this morning at 7 oclock this is bad news for us at this time if So. the reb will make their last efort to fre themselves from the present administration

    There is all kinds of rumors afloat in Camp.

    Have your heard from John lately and has he he heard from hom yet. We wer going to have a great day to day in honor of the recent victory our Company were to act as battery men and we were all uniformed in stile and had our cannon all out and great preparation were being made to have a great day both in camp and town when the news came of the assaination of our President. There no dowt that the assion was bribed to do so we as not orgaized in to a company yet I dont know where we will be sent as we have not been assiged to regiment yet. we may be here for several days yet. we have got no guns yet and canot for a few days we get a loaf of bread in the morning and coffe, meat and coffe for dinner. a slice of bread and a tin of coffee for Supper this a come down from what was at home I see Bill Miller Sam Henry and Ren Kelly almost every day. . . I you write do so soon and direct to Camp Curtain

    Care of Capt P. O. Brown

    give my respects to all enquiring friends hoping and believeing that that god who has brought me this far wil guid me saf home again.

    from your Brother R. E. Brown

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    R. E. Brown Letter

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