Newspaper from Apr. 17, 1865

The Intelligencer

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    The Intelligencer, April 17, 1865

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    April 17, 1865 edition of The Intelligencer which recounts the assassination and offers eloquent words of praise for Lincoln, stating, "Abraham Lincoln is mourned more widely, more warmly, more inconsolably than any of his predecessors in the Presidential Chair. The man himself, is not less than the unprecedented circumstances of his administration, and the appalling manner of his death, appealed to the popular heart for an outpouring of sympathizing testimonial" [...]

    Attributes the murder to the "the same hand that has been so long raised to deal a fatal blow to his country, and that has struck down so many of our noblest and best, has at last laid low the chosen chief. Slavery, treason and assassination culminated in the act. More than ever all these will henceforth be accused of mankind."

    The article also strongly condemns the conspirators, saying "they are bound together by the most horrible and dreadful oath" and that "once [Booth] is caught the last means every devised to extort confession and implication from criminals should be practiced upon him."

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    Chronicling America, Library of Congress

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