Letter from May. 1, 1865

Earl Russell to Adams

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    Foreign Minister Earl Russell to Minister Charles Francis Adams

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    A letter from Earl Russell, Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom, to Charles Francis Adams, U.S. Minister to the United Kingdom, acknowledging receipt of the official news of Lincoln's assassination and expressing his government's condolences.

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    “Foreign Minister Earl Russell to Minister Charles Francis Adams”
    Read. 2^[[d]] May, 1865.
    Foreign Office
    May 1. 1865.

    I have had the honour to receive
    your note of this day’s date, officially
    communicating to me the mealancholy
    intelligence of the death, by the
    hand of an assassin, of the Late
    President of the United States.

    When the first intelligence of
    this had calamity reached this
    country I [[convade]] to you by letter
    and in person the deep impression
    of horror and indignation which

    Thanks Francis Adams Log
    so atrocious a crime on the [[person]]
    of the President of the United States
    had made upon me and on the [[general]]
    members of Her Majesty’s Government;
    And it only [[remains]] for me now,
    [[by]] acknowledging your letter, &
    [[acquaint]] you that, by the command
    of the Queen, I have directed Her
    Majesty's Minister at Washington
    to [[conoly]] to the government of the of the
    United States the appearance that
    Her Majesty sincerely condoles with
    the family of the late President, and
    that Her
    Her Majesty’s Government and the
    British Parliament and the British
    Nation are affected by an unanimous
    feeling of abhorrence of the
    criminal guilty of this cowardly
    and atrocious assassination, and
    of their sympathy with the
    Government and People of the
    United States under the [[freak]]
    calamity which has befallen them.
    I have the honor to be with the
    [[highest]] [[consideration]],
    Your [[British]] President,
    Humble Servant,


    [Transcription by: Alexis Ennis, Rachel Engl’s class, Lehigh University.]

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    Ford's Theatre National Historic Site, FOTH 3369, and National Archives, Record Group 84

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