Letter from May. 4, 1865

Edgar Lincoln Letter

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    Edgar Lincoln Letter

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    This letter from Edgar to his brother and sister discussing his recent activities near St. Paul, Minnesota, including the assassination of President Lincoln. Edgar notes that the news of Lincoln's death has stunned the local populace. Edgar goes on to note that he is willing to follow his brother in regards to management of land they hold in Minnesota, that he feels may drive him into debt.

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    Thursday Eve,

    St. Paul May 4, 1865 -

    Dear Bro. & Sister

    Your letter of April 25, I have just received. as it went to
    Shakopee I did not get it quite so soon. I was very glad to hear from You, and am
    rejoiced to know that you have returned in Safty. A letter from Augusta a few days
    since informed me of Your being at Brewster and of Your good health. Isaac and
    family are all well, or were Monday Morning. I left S - with about 400 Bbls lime
    the 26 . April. put of 70 Bbls at the Fort. and have sold about 140 here. it goes
    of very slow now and I dont know what to make of it, as it was generally supposed
    this spring that there was going to be a good deal of building down here this year .
    The news of the Murder of our good President has knocked every thing in head, and
    people do not like to do any thing until they know how things are going to turn
    out. I have brought down 720 Bbls before this trip, which sold for $1.50 per Bbl,
    most of which we got the money for. Since I have been here this time Reice has been
    here and made contract with most of the large masons to furnish them with lime for one
    Year at $1.10 and so we shall have opposition again to contend with. He is a d - - d
    jackass, but like all the rest of the Dutchmen here afraid that we shall make any thing.
    With wood, labor, and every thing else at high as it is now, our lime costs us 86 cts
    here . How long the d - - d fool will hold out against us or wheather it will be for
    our interest to burn, or sell out the whole concern Isaac and I have not decided yet.
    Isaac is getting about discouraged as well as myself, and it is no wonder that we do.
    I feel made enough to work this summer for nothing, more than a living and if
    Isaac has not such a large family I should want him to, and give Reice fitts.
    I shall send Isaac Your letter tomorrow and let him answer You in regards to buying
    Your part. As I have no desire to run in debt to possess more property in this
    place I should be glad to take $1000, for my interest in the concern, on the same
    terms that you offer yours. I shall write Isaac to answer You immediately at Boston
    care of Crosby.

    I would not go in the Bark again if they would not give me more
    wages, but get a vessel and go the same as Allison does. I should have probably
    been in Calcutta now, but Augusta was not well enough to go with me and as we have
    but one life to live here we thought we might as well be together once in a while,
    or try to be at any rate, as it is I dont know as we shall as Father Snow is so unwell.

    I think it her duty to stay at home, at present, I suppose that I can bear
    the cross, but think that all of us have had our share of them. I am very sorry that
    Lucinda has a cough and hope that she will take good care of herself. I hope that
    Free will come home from Spain, I am writing in the Cabin of the old flat Boat. and
    expect to make it my home here until the misquitoes come. Shall try and not let the
    faithfull old boat sink. Write on receipt of this to S - Tell Anthony that I am hearty
    and hope that he is the same, and when he wants a mate to let me know. Give my love to
    Mother and all enquiring friends. Please dont let the contents of this letter get out
    much in Brewster, as it would be nuts for those busy bodies, and I dont intend to
    furnish them any without paying for them with my best wishes for your good health
    and prosperity, Freeman Your aff. Bro. Edgar

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    MS. 3: Captain Joseph Lincoln Papers

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