Diary from Aug. 12, 1865

Diary of Qunicy A. Moore, 1865, 1869

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    Handwritten Diary of Quincy A. Moore,1866, 1869

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    Diary entry of Aug. 12, 1865 describes how Moore attended the Dan Rice Great Show [a circus] and saw a sideshow tableaux of the assassination of President Lincoln in Bellefontaine, Ohio. [Note: Dan Rice is one of the greatest Civil War era clowns. He dressed and looked like our image of Uncle Sam.] Moore may have been a school district official in Logan County, Ohio. He regularly visited West Liberty, Bellefontaine, Lake Branch, and Degraff, Ohio. His diary, March 19, 1865-Oct. 1, 1869, gives a daily account of his farming, church, family, social life, and illness in Ohio.

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    Aug. 12, 1865.

    I was at Bellefontain [sic] to the show Dan Rice Great Show I saw Elephants Lions Bear wild cat yak camels buffalo monkeys Leopard Congerooh [Kangaroo]and a Blind Horse witch [which] was taught to under stand [sic] english language and a variety of other animals and I was in the side shows in one of them I saw the Representation of the assassination of Lincoln and also of secretary Seward it looked most horrible in the other side show I saw the albino family and a boy sixteen years old witch [which]was eightteen [sic]inches high the girl twenty two inches high seventeen years old a cat witch [which] had but two legs naturaly [sic] born so and a monkey go through military performance [sic] and a woman with beard it cost me for all I seen and bought just 50 [cents]

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    Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University, Quincy A. Moore Diary, 1865, 1869

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