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Julius to Oliver Dunks

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    Dunks Family Correspondence

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    Near the end of the second page, Julius Dunks begins to briefly describe the funeral for Abraham Lincoln in Union City, a village in Southern Michigan that served as an important juncture in the Underground Railroad. He notes that the townspeople intended to hold a procession, but a hard rain forced them to cancel.

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    Apr 23 / 65

    Union City April 23, 1865

    Brother Oliver.

    Your kind & wel
    comed letter was rec - last
    Friday. was kind a glad to
    hear from thee. We have been
    pretty busy the past week
    monday & Tues forenoon I plowed
    Thursday forenoon have about
    another days work to do yet
    it has rained conciderable,
    this week and been very cold
    Wensday morn. Father & I
    went up to Mr Coats and
    Bought a tree for stakes and
    gave him 1.00 then he gave
    us six other cuts so we
    have about six hundred
    stakes in all they are all
    split but one. yesterday fore
    noon I sharpened Stakes and

    in the after noon I drew them
    home & spread them arround
    we have got about half of them
    home. Father is going to sharpen
    the rest of them & split that
    out tomorrow. Coats also gave
    us annother tree that was dead
    for rails it is alittle rotten on
    the out side but guess that
    it is sound at the heart It
    is a large Black Ash, we are
    going to use it for rails we
    have also bought the timber for
    one thousand rails for 5.00 we
    are to cut & Split ourselfs.
    Mary has got over the measles.
    and is pretty well. Mat has also
    got well Ed [Burten?] was taken
    but has not been very sick
    Lucy Leigh is pretty sick with
    them now. they had quite a time
    here last wensday they held Mr
    Lincoln Funeral that day the

    church was crouded as full as
    it could be. the church was
    all draped in mourning.
    just about they same as they did
    there. they were intending to
    have a procession but it rained
    very hard. William received
    that package last night. they look
    very well I have not tried any
    of them. I am going to take a lode
    of Read Wheat out out to
    Coldwater to morrow & Wm
    is going with me. We heard to
    day that uncle Georges Baby was
    Just alive. [illegible in original] [music?] looks pretty
    well. We sold 26 Bushels of corn
    last week pert of it - 1.00 1.25- ,80
    we have about ten Bush. left
    the Sheep all look well we have
    not got any lambs yet but guess
    that they will be gin to come
    the last of this week.

    Who did Lib Dunks merey

    has She had those photograph
    yet I think that her foot mus be
    well by this time. where is she
    going to live, I have had quite
    a time with my arm it worked
    first rate I only Stopped work
    one day It Swelled up pretty
    big how does yours get allong
    mother wants you to send
    the scab home in a letter
    so that she can vaxinate
    Mary & Wm what is there
    about [illegible in original] Bills that
    you do not under stand then
    would be a tiptop place.

    Pleas write Soon

    Yours J S Dunks

    April 25 dear Brother I will try & fill the
    sheat I am going to [start?] on my expedition
    tomorrow morn ing Think I shall be gone
    about 2 weeks the first time I am very
    much pleased with the Pens. Who did [herb?]
    Dunks marry that is what is his name
    & what is his Business you did not
    tell what those ties cost apiece

    You Brother W C Dunks

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    c.00123 - Dunks Family Correspondence

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