Document from Jan. 1, 1889

Scrapbook of Charles B. Andrus

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    Scrapbook of Charles B. Andrus

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    Excerpt of news-clippings from the scrapbook of Charles B. Andrus (1848-1937); member and commander of quasi-military organization Putnam phalanx in Hartford, CT. Contains descriptions of Abraham Lincoln's assassination along with juxtaposition of Lincoln and James Garfield's assassins. News-clippings attempt to draw conclusions about the motivations of the assassins based-upon a comparison of physical and emotional traits of each assassin.

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    Ms 86281

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    Charles Andrus. "Scrapbook of Charles B. Andrus ". Daniel Slote & Co, New York (scrapbook). Remembering Lincoln. Web. Accessed December 8, 2021.