Diary from Apr. 14, 1865

O.H. Bronson

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    O.H. Bronson

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    O.H. Bronson, a business person located in the Hartford, CT area, mentions the death of Lincoln briefly in excerpts from their diary entry on April 14, 1865. They make further references to the stabbing of Lincoln's Secretary of State Seward and church services being held to mourn and commemorate Lincoln's life in the Hartford area. The diary also notes that businesses would be closed for mourning the following day.

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    Monday, April 1, 1865
    Celebration of the Sunday of [[?]] and his day

    Tuesday 11
    Sent? to capt. Clarke $2,50
    Henry started for the [[?]] the every 7.0 [[?]]

    Wednesday 12
    Rainy [[?]] [[?]]
    played at house last night.

    Thursday, April 13, 1865
    Offered Frank [[?]]
    Stock in ground
    For 10 [[?]] at note
    3 months

    Friday 14
    Abraham Lincoln President
    Of United States was
    assassinated in theater
    this evening
    Secretary Stewart
    was also stabbed in the
    neck 3 times but it
    hoped not mortally
    his son [[?]] [[?]]
    were stabbed.

    Saturday 15
    Johnny Gains
    per day 300 meal 300

    Sunday, April 16, 1865
    Mr Parker redeemed
    [[?]] on the death of
    President Lincoln this eve.

    Monday 17
    Sold LB goodmaid 1/4 [[?]]
    [[?]], he claimed 40 lb short
    weighed the coal 23 1/4 pails
    21 1/4 each 21 1/4
    [[?]] went to
    New York this day
    As book keeper in [[?]] bank

    Tuesday 18
    ( scribble)

    Wednesday, April 19, 1865
    All the offices and many
    of business closed from
    12 to 3 o'clock on [[?]]
    Of funeral of president Lincoln
    received in the different
    [[?]] at 12 o'clock
    most of the [[?]]
    in city [[?]] in morning

    Thursday 20 [[?]]
    Cargo of coal
    for 6 B Jammer to go the
    [[?]] retreat for sets

    Friday 21
    Samuel Clark [[?]]
    To take [[?]] Made
    From first of May
    At $10 for each horse
    Rcpt. [[?]] at
    You'd pay as the as he [[?]]

    [Transcription Team: Ryan P., Kenzie B., Brooke B., Madison R.]
    [New Hampton Middle School, New Hampton, Iowa]

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    Ms 90282

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