Document from May. 1, 1865

Lincoln Lies Sleeping

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    Lincoln Lies Sleeping

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    A handwritten ballad in tribute to Lincoln.

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    Lincoln lies Sleeping.

    Up, from the homes of the land, a cry
    Comes from a nation bewailing;
    Lincoln the merciful, doomed to die!
    Ah! merciful e'en to a failing.
    Strike, strike the traitor down!
    Cry a sad people, while seeping:
    Crown, crown the martyr, crown
    Weep o'er the grove where he's sleeping

    Lower the flag of the glory of the nation now
    Drape the proud banner in sorrow:
    Sleeping to-day is that marble brow. -
    He'll waken in Heaven to-morrow!
    Peace, peace, in Heaven peace!
    Hos earnest earned. while living;
    Peace, peace, in Heave peace!
    Never a heart so forgiving!

    Tearfully, sadly, gaze on the dead,
    While ev'ry bosom is swelling:
    Tenderly place him in his last bed.
    And shroud in deep ev'ry dwelling.
    Peace, peace in Heaven peace!
    Sing a sad people, while weeping;
    Peace, peace, in Heaven peace!
    Jesus that while soul is keeping!

    Tenderly, sadly, we lay him down,
    Mourning his murder so gory -
    Heaven will find him a golden crown;
    He;s gone from Glory to Glory!
    Live, live, the Union live!
    Sing a firm people, while weeping
    Lord! Lord! the crime forgive -
    The prayers of him who is sleeping!

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