Document from Apr. 19, 1865

Resolutions of the YMCA on the Death of Abraham Lincoln

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    Resolutions of the YMCA on the Death of Abraham Lincoln

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    Resolutions of and received by the New York Young Men's Christian Association following the death of Lincoln, including resolutions from the YMCA of Renshaw Street (Liverpool, England) and the Montreal YMCA.

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    Resolutions of the Young Mens Christian Association of New York
    Whereas God in His Providence has received from this earth Abraham Lincoln the President of the United States, a man simple in habits and childlike in humor, faithful in intercourse, earnest in purpose, meek in spirit, pure in heart, illustrious in deeds, and Christian in all his ways,
    and whereas God has likewise permitted to be stricken down our chief Counsellor of State.

    Resolved that we bow to His high purpose in perfect faith, knowing that our Heavenly Father doeth all things well and that we mourn for the good man who has gone before, as children mourn for their father, that we offer our fervent prayers for the recovery of our Sect. of State!
    Resolved that we recognize in these assaults the familiar hand of that system of assassination which for eighty years has embittered the councils of our country, stricken down senators in Congress, repressed free speech, bought and sold and whipped the laboring class, starved to death prisoners

    [Transcription by: Evan Laugen, Chandra Manning's class, Georgetown University.]

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    ymca122114-ymca122129, Records of the YMCA of the City of New York - Y.GNY.20, YMCA of Greater New York, Kautz Family YMCA Archives, University of Minnesota

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