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Citizen Historian: Transcription of Remembering Lincoln Sources


This Citizen Historian lesson teaches students to look at primary sources and transcribe a source to make it searchable for all students and researchers. The transcription will become part of the Remembering Lincoln database, and students will receive credit for transcription on the site.

Note: We recommend that the teacher has introduced primary sources to the students before conducting this lesson. Here are some recommended sources for teaching an introduction to primary and secondary sources:

Guiding Questions

  • How did the world react to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln?
  • What guidelines do historians use to transcribe resources?
  • Why do researchers find transcribed primary sources useful?


  • Transcribe primary sources related to the Lincoln assassination
  • Discuss what criteria historians might use to decide what to transcribe
  • Describe why transcription is useful



Lesson Activity One: Introduction to Transcription
The teacher introduces students to citizen history projects and the Remembering Lincoln website.

Lesson Activity Two: Transcription
Students find, transcribe, review, and submit a resource from the Remembering Lincoln website.

Lesson Activity Three: Summary of Learning
Using an Agreement Circle, students compare their Remembering Lincoln resources. Read More »


External Resources

  • Grade Level

    9 to 12

  • Timeframe

    2 to 3 classes (45 min/period)

  • Class Subject


  • Skills

    analysis, connections, history, primary sources, team work

  • Teacher Information

    Krista McKim

    Rockville High School, Rockville, Maryland



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