Newspaper from Apr. 28, 1865

Lincoln Assassination, April 28th, 1865

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    El Nuevo Mundo: Lincoln Assassination, April 28th, 1865

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    El Nuevo Mundo [The New World], was a Spanish tri-weekly newspaper dedicated to the interest of Republicanism in the Americas; copies were circulated throughout California, Mexico, Central America, and South America. In this issue, the newspaper included an illustration and an account from an eyewitness of the assassination of Lincoln in the Ford Theatre. Taking place two weeks after the assassination, El Nuevo Mundo reporters attended a Mexican Patriotic Club meeting in Virginia, Nevada. The President of the club gave a speech, expressing a thirst for justice and the fall of the Confederacy. The Society of Patriotic Women of Virginia City was also in attendance at the meeting in junction with the men of the Mexican Patriotic Club, whose president also gave a speech in front of the entire body. In a slightly altered manner, she spoke of not merely a hopeful defeat of the Confederates, but of return to union.

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    “The Lady Harris, who was in the loge with the president, gives the following account: The assassin entered in the loge, and Mayor Rathburn got up and asked the intruder ‘what business had him here’. Without answering he ran inside, and placed the gun to the head of the president, fired, and in that instant he jumped onto the balustrade of the loge and made a threatening motion with a dagger he carried, pointed at the face or chest of Mr. Lincoln… Mayor Rathburn jumped forward to protect the president, grabbed the assassin by the end of his frock and was stabbed in the arm. The assassin then jumped onto the stage and fled’ – Dispatch of the Associated Press”

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