Letter from May. 1, 1865

Letter to Mary Todd Lincoln from Queen Victoria

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    Letter to Mary Todd Lincoln from Queen Victoria

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    Manuscript transcription of a letter from Queen Victoria to Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, written in purple ink on white woven paper. Queen Victoria, the British monarch, wrote to Mary Lincoln after learning about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The two women had never met, but Queen Victoria wanted to convey her sympathies to Mrs. Lincoln because she also lost her husband in 1861 and went into intense mourning.

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    Copy of a letter from Queen Victoria to Mrs. President Lincoln Osborne, April. 1865

    Thought a stranger to you, cannot remain silent w[?] so terrible a calamity has fallen upon you and your country; and must personally express my deep and heartfelt sympathy wi[?] you under shocking circumstances of your present— dreadful misfortune. No one can better appreciate, than I can, who am myself utterly broken hearted by the loss of my own beloved husband, who was the light of my life, my stay, my all, —what your own sufferings must be, and I earnestly pray that you may be supported by Him, to whom alone the sorely stricken can look for comfort in their hour of heavy afflication.

    With the renewed expression of true sympathy, I remain, dear Madam, Your sincere friend, Victoria

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    Library of Congress

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