Newspaper from Apr. 24, 1865

"The Assassination of Lincoln."

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    "The Assassination of Lincoln."

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    Editorials published in the Montgomery Daily Mail on April 24, 1865, discussing the reported deaths of President Lincoln and Secretary of State Seward. The first editorial denounces the assassinations, while still hoping "the entire story is a pure fabrication": "...we unconditionally condemn violence of this kind at any time, but at this peculiar juncture, we deplore it, as a calamity to the country at large...And we hope and insist that the South will not be held responsible for this unmanly act." Though several dispatches have been received confirming the assassinations (with "an air of plausibility about the whole"), the paper has not yet definitively stated the news as fact.

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    Excerpt from the Montgomery Daily Mail, book number ADVCOL39. Catalog record for this title is available here.

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