Newspaper from Apr. 24, 1865

Reports and editorial comments

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    Reports and editorial comments about the assassination of President Lincoln.

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    The first item discusses John Wilkes Booth, particularly his theatrical career (Booth had once performed at the Montgomery Theatre). The second item mentions newspapers received from other cities, demonstrating the interdependent nature of journalism at this time and place; the local paper had not yet definitely announced Lincoln's death, but it often published these accounts from other places. The third item is an excerpt from an editorial in the Meridian Clarion, condemning the assassination: "We hope, however, that the crime was not perpetrated by a Southerner, whom its very barbarity would disgrace. Such deeds could never do honor to the case we espoused..." These reports were published in the Montgomery Daily Mail on April 24, 1865.

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    Excerpt from the Montgomery Daily Mail, book number ADVCOL39. Catalog record for this title is available here.

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