Newspaper from May. 8, 1865

"Shall a Lenient Policy Be Continued?"

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    "Important Correspondence. Shall a Lenient Policy Be Continued?"

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    Correspondence regarding a proposed policy of leniency toward citizens of Mississippi who wish to cooperate with the federal government. In the first letter, Brigadier General J. W. Davidson expresses concern that the strategy will not be adopted in light of the president's assassination. In the second letter, Major General Napoleon J. T. Dana restates his support of lenient treatment of the former rebels: "Even though contrary to my expectations, the rebel leaders in high position should ultimately be found to be implicated in the diabolical assassination of the President, I have no idea that the masses of the people or the subordinate officers will entertain any other feeling than that of utter abhorrence at the deed." The correspondence was originally published in the Vicksburg Herald on April 25, 1865, and it was reprinted in the Montgomery Daily Mail on May 8.

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    Excerpt from the Montgomery Daily Mail, item number LN.1507. Catalog record for this title is available here.

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