Newspaper from Feb. 23, 1866

"Frothy Grandiloquence."

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    "Frothy Grandiloquence."

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    Editorial criticizing the memorial address delivered by George Bancroft on the birthday of the late President Lincoln. Originally published in The New York World; reprinted in the Montgomery Daily Mail on February 23, 1866.

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    FROTHY GRANDILOQUENCE— The New York World speaking of Mr. Rancroft’s attempt to make a “swan of a goose,” and his manner of clothing the most common place feats in mantles of velvet, says:
    He has occasion, for example, to say that the only books read by Mr. Lincoln in his boyhood were the Bible, Esop’s Fables, and the Pilgrim’s Progess; but he cannot tell this simple and interesting fact without bedizening and overlaying it without tawdry phrases about Asiatic, Greek, Latin, Medieval, and English literature. Here is Mr. Bancroft’s chaste way of saying it: “Of Asiatic literature he knew only the Bible: of Greek, Latin, and Medieval, no more than Esop’s Fables; of English, John Bunyan’s Pilgram’s Progress.” Did Mr. Bancroft think he was communicating any information, in telling the educated audience he addressed that if young Abraham Lincoln’s three books were classed on so extensive a scale as to include all known literatues, they would be found, on due inquiry, to belong to the divisions he assigns them?

    [Transcription by: Dr. Susan Corbesero, Ellis School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

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    Excerpt from the Montgomery Daily Mail, item number ADVCOL42. Catalog record for this title is available here.

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