Letter from Apr. 19, 1865

Sallie Thomas to George W. Parker

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    Letter of Sallie Thomas, Elizabethtown, Ky., to Brother [George W. Parker], April 19, 1865

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    Discusses the health of the family and mentions the assassination of President Lincoln. Sallie fears that the next president will be even worse than Lincoln was.

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    Elizabethtown, Ky,
    April 19, 1865

    My good Brother,
    I received your very kind
    letter a few days ago, which was perused
    with great interest.
    I was sorry to learn that Sis Nellie
    and the baby were not well, but
    suppose they are well by this time.
    And was very sorry to hear of Uncle
    James’ illness, hope he has entirely

    We are all as well usual, but some
    of us are complaining all of the
    time, I am not very well myself
    to day, I suppose you will think
    I ought not to complain when
    I tell you I weigh a hundred and
    forty pounds.
    Ma is up again, but her health is
    not good at all. I do wish I could
    get her out there, once I think it
    would help her. The negroes fret her
    all of the time, and now they
    are twice as bad as they ever were.
    Lincoln is dead, and am fearful
    we will have a worse President
    than he was, and will make
    things worse all around.
    We are very busy now making the
    negroes' spring clothes, and Pa
    is behind hand with his work,
    it has rained so much this, spring
    and he is scared of help, which will
    make him, backward with his crop.
    Pa tells me every letter I write, to tell
    you to, come, and every letter I get
    from you, he asks if you are
    coming, at last, he said well let
    him stay. Ma will drop you a
    few lines. Give my love to all
    and write soon to your sister
    Sallie Thomas.

    [Transcription Team: Lance R., Madison H., Kelsey K., Drake W., Jerzi G., Sanja D.]
    [New Hampton Middle School]

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    Missouri History Museum

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