Document from Apr. 24, 1865

City Ordinance: Burial Place

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    Springfield City Ordinance Providing Land for Burial Place

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    The City Council of Springfield, Illinois instructed the Mayor to offer 28 acres of ground at Oak Ridge Cemetery for the burial of President Abraham Lincoln. They also authorized the mayor to appoint committees to procure lodging for those escorting Lincoln's body from Washington, to prepare for mourning drapery on buildings, and to regulate food vendors during the funeral.

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    Monday Evening April 24th 1865

    Ald. Coate. offered the following resolution which was adopted.

    Resolved. By The city council of the city of Springfield. That the
    mayor he and he is hereby instructed to offer twenty eight [[28]]
    acres of ground on the south side. and. adjoining the present
    enclosed Oak Ridge Cemetery. or any part of said cemetery they
    may elect to the committee chosen to elect a site for a burial
    plea for our late president.
    ”sg.” Coate.

    those voting in the affirmative being, Ald. Bishop. Broadwell.
    Coate,Curry. Dallman. Myers,Rippon and Wohlgamuth

    Those voting in the negative being Ald. Anderson. Brown. Morse
    and Post.

    On motion of Ald. Coate. The decision of the committee of Oak Ridge
    Cemetery to put the vault in proper condition and other matters
    preparatory to depositing the remain of the late president was approved.

    Ald. Morse offered the following order which was adopted.

    Ordered that the mayor [[?]] and [[?]] bids on the 10th day of
    May at 12 Oclock M/ for fifty thousand 50.000 feet of two (2) inch
    Oak plank for the use of the city the coming year and report the
    Lowest bidder to the council
    Sgd. Morse

    Ald Morse offered the following order which was referred to Committee
    On streets and alleys

    Ordered that the street supervision put in a lot Gulbert in college
    street at the intersection of Monroe and college street west side of
    college street.

    Sg. Morse

    Ald. Curry, offered the follow which was adopted.

    Ordered by the city council street supervision hereby
    instructed to grade Lerois street on the east of Hutchinson county.

    Sgt. Curry

    Ald. Myers, offered the following order which has adopted.
    Ordered that the re-letting of the stalls in the stands in the union.

    Market House be postponed punting the 2nd Monday in may 1865.
    The present occupiers being allowed to use the same at rates paid
    by them the past year, for such time up to the re-letting of name.

    Sgt. Myers

    Ald. Myers, offered the following series of resolutions which were adopted.

    Resolved the mayor appoint a committee of three to act in conjunction with
    the committee appointed by citizens and invitation and reception to procure
    suitable quarters for the escort attending the remains of late president
    Lincoln from Washington.

    Ald. H, G, Myers
    H, Hohlgemuth
    S, P, Broadwell

    Resolved 2nd that a committee of three be appointed to act in conjunction
    with a committee appointed by Citizens on Drapery t.

    Ald Burry,

    Resolved 3rd that the committee of three be appointed to controll the
    erection of booths for the sale of food during the period that may
    be necessary to provide for the wants of those who attend the funeral of
    Abraham Lincoln. That they are hereby instructed to issue permits
    to no one except on such conditions and such places the prescribe
    that said booths may be rected on their permits without license or charge
    from the city. And that they are hereby particularly instructed to make
    such conditions upon all person erecting Booths that no extortion will
    be permitted, that said committee also make arrangements to provide
    ice water at each places as they deem necessary.
    Ald. Morse
    Committee Bronson

    Ald. Myers, offered the following ordinance.

    An ordinance to provide for the revision of the ordinances of the City
    of Springfield.

    Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Springfield that Eugene
    L. Grose, be and he is hereby appointed revisor; that it shall be the duty
    of said revisor to prepare for publication as soon as may be a copy of the
    ordinances of the City moro in force, with full and accurate indexes
    [[therits]] and to super intend the printing of the name as the council
    may hereafter direct.

    [Transcription Team: Meryl S., Alishea P., Cael L., Jacob D.]
    [New Hampton Middle School]

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    Springfield City Council Journal, volume 7

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