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Leather Harness

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    Harness Piece from Funeral Procession

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    This leather strap may have been part of the harness worn by the horses that pulled President Lincoln's casket through Philadelphia during his during his funeral procession. The train carrying Lincoln's body arrived in Philadelphia on April 22. The body lay in state at Independence Hall on April 23 and was open for public viewing.

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    The Abraham Lincoln Foundation of The Union League of Philadelphia (Object ID: 1975.2.1)

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    Use of this item for research, teaching and private study is permitted with proper citation and attribution, as “Courtesy of The Abraham Lincoln Foundation of The Union League of Philadelphia.” Reproduction of this item for publication, broadcast or commercial use requires written permission. For permission, please contact The Abraham Lincoln Foundation.

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    Unknown. "Harness Piece from Funeral Procession". Remembering Lincoln. Web. Accessed October 22, 2019.