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American Flag

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    Maria Fassett Harvey Flag

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    Irish immigrant Maria Fassett Harvey lived at 713 South 11th Street, Philadelphia, in April 1865. When she learned that Abraham Lincoln’s body was to lie in state at Independence Hall, she, like many other Philadelphians, searched for an American flag to hang out of her window. Maria could not find a flag to buy, so she purchased the necessary materials, and made her own. The flag has the appropriate 13 stripes, but features only 28 stars although there were 35 states in the Union. A bulletin from Maria's church, dated February 1901, describes Maria Harvey’s motivations and how she used the flag to mourn the loss of every president since Lincoln’s death.

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    The Abraham Lincoln Foundation of The Union League of Philadelphia (Object ID: 2003.100.1)

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    Use of this item for research, teaching and private study is permitted with proper citation and attribution, as “Courtesy of The Abraham Lincoln Foundation of The Union League of Philadelphia.” Reproduction of this item for publication, broadcast or commercial use requires written permission. For permission, please contact The Abraham Lincoln Foundation.

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